What is COM Surrogate Crash Error?

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – When I used to use Vista, I would have random crashes that were related to a COM Surrogate error. What the heck? I thought I owned my computer? You mean it’s a surrogate?.

A COM Surrogate error is caused by video codec that is not Vista compatible and when Vista tries to bring up the first frame of the video file it causes the Com Surrogate .dll extension to shut down. As we’ve discussed before, a .dll is a software component that an application links to at run time.

There are a couple of solutions that I’ve found for this problem:

  • Check DivX If this program isn’t updated to the newest version, it can cause the COM Surrogate error.
  • Check Nero Again, check out what version you have. Older versions have been known to throw out this error. Always make sure you’re updated.

Now that I’m back on XP, I’ve had the same problem once. I went through and uninstalled all of the Codecs on my system, and I haven’t encountered the problem again. If you recall, a codec is a device or program capable of performing encoding and decoding on a digital data stream or signal. So that’s something else to look into.

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