Rip DVDs to your iPod or PSP for Free

Chris | Live Tech Support | Video Help | Add to iTunes – Ponzi recently walked into an Apple store, and asked to buy something that would allow her to rip her DVDs to be able to watch them on her iPod. The sales guy told her to just go home and search online. So, of course, she asked yours truly what to do…

I started thinking about it, and right away knew the answer. HandBrake is open source, and multi-platform. You can use to in Windows, OS X and Linus to rip DVDs and turn them into mp4 format. This will allow you to watch your DVD content on that PSP or iPod quickly and easily.

Some may argue and say this isn’t quite “right” to do. Let me say this… when you purchased that DVD, didn’t you purchase the right to watch it? You’re not selling it. You’re not broadcasting it elsewhere. You simply want to watch a video you purchased legally on a different medium. Why is that so wrong?

I don’t think it is. And, I’m saying HandBrake is the way to go.

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