Alphagrip USB Keyboard Alternative

Chris | Live Tech Support | Video Help | Add to iTunes – I have discovered that I cannot type very well unless I am using a ‘normal’ keyboard. This new Alpha Grip USB Keyboard is designed much like a game console controller. Some of the keys are on front, some are on back. There is a little trackball for your mouse. It really works… it’s just very different.

Alpha Grip is a totally handheld keyboard. AlphaGrip technology sets you free by enabling handheld typing at 50-70 words per minute while standing, walking, running, riding in a vehicle, leaning back in your chair or recliner, or lying in bed.I gave this a go while sitting at my desk. I had to laugh at myself as I searched for the proper keys to type my own name. This is definitely revolutionary, and I totally get the ergonomic design. However, I think I might just stick with typing over 100 wpm while using my boring old normal keyboard.

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