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Chris | Live Tech Support | Video Help | Add to iTunes – RychenCop, on a Civilian Police Assistance Training Team in Baghdad, Iraq writes: “I have been using Gmail as my main email service while stationed in Iraq. My question is how secure are online email services?”

Before I get into this answer, let me take the time to shout out a THANK YOU to RychenCop, and all the other service men and women overseas. Because of what you do, I am free to do what I do.

As far as Gmail goes, it’s definitely about the best Web mail service out there. Not only is it free… it works. It’s fast loading, the threaded conversations are much easier to read and navigate, and the keyboard shortcuts embedded on the page make the entire experience faster.

Yahoo! mail has a new version coming soon. It features a tri-pane view, which absolutely rocks. It also has tabbed browsing within email, integrated chat and text messaging, and even better contact management. This is also free, just like Gmail. There will, of course, be a pro version.

For security with your Gmail, I suggest using https:// at the beginning when typing in your address to Gmail. Notice the S at the end of http? That makes you log in via the Secure Socket Layers (SSL). This provides layers of security to allow you to transmit your information over an encrypted connection. If you’re happy with Gmail already, this is the route I would take. Why change email providers when there is no need to?

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