The Final Word on Zango and Revver

Asi Behar from Revver has responded:

Revver is, and always has been, an open syndication network. Our platform – whether it be the API, widgets, RSS feeds, or direct embeds – was designed to offer creators and sharers of content a way to fully white label and monetize their video experience – a service offered to each and every Revver member.

In this respect, Zango is no different from any other sharer/syndicator on our network: they’re using our API, which every Revver user has full access to, to pull and share content. They earn the 20% syndication fee just as any other Revver user would for sharing and driving traffic to Revver content, and must agree to our terms of service in order to do so. As a result, they are helping creators earn money by exposing their content to their audience.

The openness of our network is both a philosophical and technical feature of our network. We’ve resisted numerous partners that insisted on partitioning off content; we feel strongly that the future of media, especially on the internet, lies in its ability to be freely shared and distributed and we’d really like to see this ideal succeed.

Despite our stance, however, we do recognize that some creators may not want their content distributed by Zango, so we’ll contact them to help remedy the situation. If you or any Revver member requests, we will contact Zango on your behalf and request they stop using your content on their site. Revver members can contact us via our contact form to request assistance.

We’d like to see an internet where content is allowed to roam freely while still earning money for our creators and sharers – so to that end we’ll be re-evaluating Zango’s use of the Revver API. I’ll keep you posted with any news on the matter.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance,

Asi Behar
VP, Software Engineering – Revver
asi {@} revver_com

As has Steve Stratz, Zango’s Director of Public Relations – albeit privately.

Bottom line: Zango is willing and able to remove videos from their index, and they’re not breaking any rules by using Revver’s API. They’re no more hijacking videos than you would be by embedding them in your own site, but that was never my issue with Zango forcing users to download software before they could view my content. Steve from Zango contends that their software is… not crapware. Whatever.

Revver is not doing their publishers any favor by continuing business with Zango, in my humble opinion (as a user, as a publisher, as someone who deals with people who have installed Zango’s software). Moreover, the “Zango” checkmark needs to be more readily accessible through Revver’s control panel.

Again, I do not challenge the video embedding or Revver affiliate model at its core – I do, however, challenge the need for Zango to force users to install software that is COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY FOR THEM TO ACTUALLY VIEW THE VIDEO I PRODUCED.