Revver is Behind Zango Crapware Fiasco

Revver appears to be the ones serving up the videos through Zango, and they also appear to have known about it for quite some time. Since I’m uploading my videos to Revver, I’m opening myself up to the relationship they apparently have with Zango – merely another affiliate, albeit one with questionable intentions. I don’t take issue with the embedding of the videos themselves, but the flaming hoops which one must progress through in order to watch them as indexed by Zango.

I haven’t made very much with Revver videos, and I’m not sure how much of that is blood money. I guess I have to ask Revver where they stand – and videobloggers, at large, where they stand? Is it okay for your content to be distributed under false pretenses (as in, forcing a user to download and install generally useless software in order for them to see your video when they can see it without any installation elsewhere)?

If Revver doesn’t address this issue, or allow me to opt-out of being embedded specifically by Zango, I’ll simply close and delete my Revver account and videos – and encourage others to do the same. From SpywareGude:

Zango was not involved in the creation of this “content”. They did not create the movie, they did not pay for its creation. They just used an API to retrieve the information off the Revver site. The tagging and indexing was done by Revver as well. Zango did not pay for the bandwidth costs of streaming this content. The content (and even the accompanying thumbnails) are served directly from Revver’s servers. Zango did not pay a license fee to show this content to visitors. Revver does not charge anything to become a “publisher”. Zango gets paid whenever a visitor clicks an ad in a Revver video on their site. This occurs regardless of whether the user has the Zango software installed or not.

So, Revver – what are you going to do about this now that someone’s holding your feet to the fire? More importantly, am I the only “video blogger” who is more than a little outraged about this?