LCD Monitor Questions and Answers

On my two 30″ monitors, Jirvin Loh from Malaysia asks:

Should I have to have a multi-GPU machine (NVIDIA SLI) if I am willing to have two 23” LCD monitor operate at NVIDIA Dual-view mode with 1600×1200 resolution?

I don’t have a multi-GPU (NVIDIA SLI) machine yet, what I currently have are two 19” LCD running at Dual-view with 1280×1024 resolution. Video signal are all coming out from VGA and DVI that are from a single video card.

Here I was a bit confused, as I search through your archived blog, I’d never seen you mention that much about the dual-monitor configurations that is in particular the video card; what kind of the configuration you actually have for your current dual-30” LCD? Are they (the signal) coming out from a DVI that is from single video card or from DVI that is from two separate video cards?

My PC has two NVIDIA 7900 GTX cards, which each sport dual-link DVI capable ports. Just one dual-link DVI port is necessary to run a single 30″ monitor at a full 2560×1600. I happen to have the two monitors plugged into a single card at the moment.

You shouldn’t need SLI or multiple GPUs to support two LCDs (even at that resolution), so long as your current GPU isn’t from the bargain bin. I’m assuming your video card has two ports, however. If those 23″ monitors in question don’t require anything special, you should be okay. If your resolution requirements weren’t so high, I might have suggested a Matrox DualHead2Go or TripleHead2Go.

And while we’re on the subject of monitors seen in my live and recorded videos on YouTube, John C. Adamson put a smile on my sponsor’s face this morning:

I just bought a $600.00 Dell 2407WFP-HC 24-inch monitor because of one of your YouTube videos. The video had an overlay saying that you used this monitor thanks to Dell. (I also see the Dell logo on your videos.)

Anyway, I decided that if it was good enough for you, and looked that good, it had to be OK. I went to the site, saw it was on sale and bought it today.

Question: I want to send a note to Dell telling them they sold a monitor because I saw it sponsored on one of your old videos. I came across you and your site by accident – love it – and appreciate the fact that Dell helps keep you on. Who should I write/e-mail to?

I don’t know how you track your viewers and readers. You might be surprised at the range in your demo. I’m a month away from 60 and about as non-tech as you can get. You are very welcome to forward this note to someone at Dell if you’d like.

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