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http://live.pirillo.com/ – One of our users asked if they should change the settings in their browser history, or leave them at the default setting.

I used to think that the shorter browser history… the better! Then I realized that I kept forgetting the names of sites I had been to, and really wanted to find again. If you’re like me, and have a bad memory and/or very few favorites bookmarked, you may want to consider bumping up your history setting. It won’t eat up any space on your computer, it won’t affect your speed or surfing habits. I have mine set to about three months. I think that’s a pretty good standard. It keeps things for me that I may want to visit again when I have time (yeah… RIGHT!) and may not remember.

In Internet Explorer, you can change your history setting by going to Tools>Internet Options>General Tab. There you can put in how many days you want IE to save your history.

In Firefox, you would go to Options>Privacy and tell it how many days you want to remember pages visited.

The only caveat to this is privacy. If you don’t want someone seeing what websites you’ve visited, you would change your settings to be zero days. You can also clean out your cache, cookies and such.

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