Glossy vs Matte LCD Monitors

Chris | Live Tech Support | Video Help | Add to iTunes – The decision whether to buy a glossy or matte LCD monitor is subjective. Every person will have their likes and dislikes, and you should buy whatever you are most comfortable with.

There are pros and cons to both a glossy LCD monitor, and a matte one. The cons for each type are not negative enough to sway your decision to one over another.

I prefer a matte screen for one main reason. I detest looking at dirt specs and smudges. I don’t want to have to clean my monitor every day… or several times a day. Glossy screens are bad about that. They show *everything*! However, the colors are more vibrant on a glossy screen, and the blacks are richer. A matte screen is non-reflective, but that can be a pro OR a con. It depends on your preference, again.

Thanks to Ustream, I have the capability to do a live poll via my stream. I asked our viewers and chatters which type of monitor they prefer. 65% chose matte, while only 35% chose glossy.

Thanks for validating my opinion, guys. It’s a matte screen FTW.

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