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Chris | Live Tech Support | Video Help | Add to iTunes -Gnomedex 2007 attendees leave messages for Chris via Eyejot. Talking into a huge cardboard cutout of Chris was just a bonus.

the Name Inspector breaks down what the word Gnomedex really means.

“To understand this name, you first need to know (if you don’t already) that the conference is run by Lockergnome, the brand under which net entrepreneur Chris Pirillo and his associates do all their stuff. That’s where the Gnome- part comes from. The -dex part, of course, is a reference to COMDEX, a big computer trade show that took place every year between 1979 and 2003. The name Gnomedex can be thought of as a blend of Lockergnome + COMDEX. Because Gnomedex does not, unfortunately, mean ‘Gnome Dealers’ Exposition’, the ending -dex in this name has lost its acronymical function and is only used to set up an analogy to COMDEX.

So where does the name Lockergnome come from? It’s a slight tweak of The Locker Gnome, a nickname that Chris gave himself in high school that relates to one of his physical characteristics. Let’s just say that what Chris more than makes up for in professional stature, he lacks in physical stature. As he says in his history of Lockergnome, people, including his own writing teacher, used to call him “shorty names” such as gnome. One day when Chris was standing by his locker, The Locker Gnome just came to him. Chris insists that he was never actually stuffed into a locker.

Following is a list of people you will find on the Eyejot video. Unfortunately, the list is not complete. A few people didn’t leave their names, and a couple of times the background noise unfortunately drowned out a speakers’ name. If you see yourself on the video, but not identified here, please leave a comment and we’ll get your name added in!

Daryn Nakhuda, Andru Edwards, Ben Metcalfe, Chris Johnson, Josh Hallett, William Smith, Eric Doolan, Matt Miller, Mike Kowalchik, Andy McCaskey, Kathy Gill, Deepak Singh, Ricardo Ribago, Raines Cohen, John Anthony Hartman, Xenia Hertzenberg, John Blue, David Perry, Steve Lacey, Josh McKenty, Jamie Nelson, Tom Novak, Darcy Vany, Chad Randall, Mike Marusin, David Levitt, Corrie Westmoreland, Russel Holliman, Natalia Menezes, Jim McCusker, Francine Hardaway, Jevan Woolley, Buster Pik, Dan Greenfield, Baratunde Thurston, Jason Harris, Greg Birch, Sean Amminati, Sanford Dickert, Chris Brogan, Greg Cangialosi, and last but NOT least… Dad.

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