Seattle Blogs: Unite and Untie

First, have you tagged your face yet?

Then, you might be interested in the pre-event poll results. “Are you happy to see a local media company do this for bloggers?” With 181 Responses, 133 were Yes, 45 were Kinda, and only 3 were No. “Even if you’re unable to make this event, would you like to see another one planned in the future?” With 165 Responses, 134 were Yes, 28 were Maybe, and only 3 were No.

I realize this isn’t a comprehensive list (far from it, I’m sure) – but here’s what summaries I was able to uncover through my trusty news aggregator throughout the day:

After we get KOMO to give us a short date range, we’ll set up a Web-based poll and see which date is most relevant for most people. From that point, I’ll set up a free EventBrite page for anybody to RSVP into. With that, we can better collect our respective “RSS feeds” and instantly construct a community explorer that will serve to help us discover one another before and after the event(s). I wish I had thought of THAT before. 🙁

If we each try to bring at least one other person next time, we’ll have a full-blown invasion on our hands (the friendly kind, mind you).