Microsoft Office for Mac 2008: Delayed

A neighbor (and new friend) Jason sent me the link to Microsoft to delay Office for Mac 2008. I started to compose a personal reply, but then decided to bring the discussion points here, instead.

Can’t say that I’m surprised by this move. Seems that many of these large companies have been experiencing setbacks with software development (as they can’t always “release early, release often”). I also can’t say that I’m really all that heartbroken about the delay of Mac Office, either. There are plenty of alternatives out there – plenty.

I’d just as soon use Keynote than PowerPoint, and most of my spreadsheet and document needs are handled well enough through Google. Just about the only time I ever open Word is when I want to view a complex document (rarely). There’s virtually no point to having Office around – other than to have it around. The only part of Office I really care about is Outlook.

However, I’ve already decided that we’ll be switching to a hosted Exchange environment, which virtually eliminates any degree of reliance on a desktop client. Knowing that anybody could run a Windows version of Office on the Mac and be equally (if not more) satisfied with the feature-set, and… this deadline pushback is a non-event for users.

Microsoft Office is losing ground, intentionally – and that’ll catch up with them, eventually. If and WHEN they move the suite online, platform will be even less of an issue. I’m trying my best to move my life and data to trusted Internet resources, but it’s still an incredible challenge. Too many hurdles stand in our way, with every vendor not wanting to play nicely with other vendors.

Gee, I wonder why they say that Open Source is going to win?