What is a Blog?

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – What exactly is a blog you ask? I define a blog as a personal publishing platform.

If you use a homepage to keep the outside world updated on your life, your business, and your thoughts, you have to do all the work by hand. Most web pages are edited using HTML, which stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. You’ll edit a single file the hard way, entering code for the formatting…the links…the text. Getting it just right can be difficult.

Enter blog software! Originally created by our good friend Dave Winer, blog software allows companies and individuals to manage their content easily and effectively. Open your blog in your internet browser, type in a subject line and some content, maybe add some links or pictures, and click the publish button. VOILA! You are done. Your blog post magically appears nice and pretty, all formatted and ready to read.

My personal blog is found at chris.pirillo.com. There is an archive of all my videos, along with more written content/description found at media.pirillo.com. Where is your blog? I always love to have new blogs to subscribe to, but I cannot promise to keep updated with everyone’s daily lives. If you put your heart and soul into a post, or have something truly important you want to share, be sure to stop by our chat room at live.pirillo.comand give us the link.

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