Windows Movie Maker Video Encoding – More and more people are uploading their videos to the Internet, but some of them just are not happy with how Windows handles video editing by default. Sandman has been using Windows Movie maker and he’s not happy with it: horrible output and it only outputs in the windows video format.

Windows Movie Maker may not actually be the problem here; it may be the level of compression you’re outputting the video as. WMM has a wizard that you click though and asks if you want to optimize for file size – you need to click no and set the video output in a format that is similar to the output of your video recording device. In other words, you want to optimize for quality.

Outside of Windows Movie Maker we don’t really have many recommendations for free movie editing software: we’ve yet to find any free video editing software on Windows worth recommendation (and no, Zwei-Stein is not a good recommendation for end users).

Do you have any recommendations?

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Formats available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4), Flash Video (.flv), MP3 Audio (.mp3), Microsoft Video (.avi)