What is ASCII Art?

http://live.pirillo.com/ – I remember my first experience with ASCII art: it was a simple smiley face ":)" and I had no idea what it is: after asking what it was someone told me to turn my head to the side. Lo and behold, it was a small smiley face.

The smiley face is a really small form of ASCII art, and years ago it was a skill practiced by many people: the skill of taking fixed-width characers and making an image from it.

Nowadays ASCII art is almost a lost art. Not nearly as many people practice it today as they used to, but Chris (no, not Chris Pirillo) still practices. He was one of the first people involved with the ASCII art "movement" – he still provides ASCII art and continues to create more ASCII artwork.

If you’re not particularly artistic you can download Jave, which will create ASCII art that you can create in a text file.

The key to ASCII art is to use a fixed-width font: every character takes up as much space as every other character – a period takes up as much space as Q, and so on.

Fhoto2Text allows you to upload an image which will convert it to ASCII art.

Do you like ASCII art? Do you have any ASCII art you want to share?

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