Politics is Personal – but Important

Time out.

I love y’all, but please DO NOT tell me what I can and CANNOT write about in my PERSONAL blog. Please? Thanks. I’m not a one-dimensional being, and I have plenty of thoughts that aren’t directly related to hardware and/or software. This is Chris Pirillo. Sorry ’bout that. I’ll try to be more like who you think you want me to be in the future…

I’m a geek, but in a much larger sense I’m a human being. More to the point, I’m an American who doesn’t have his news spoon fed to him (nor do I choose to receive all my research from any one source, Web-based or otherwise). I risk offending readers by speaking my mind, but that’s never stopped me before. I’m a fierce independent, as I believe every intellectual should be (NOTE: I’m not claiming to be an intellectual).

This is a big problem for some people, apparently? They want to place my entire existence into a nice little mental box that makes sense to them – for their world. “No, you can’t like both Apple and Microsoft at the same time – that’s impossible. You also can’t hate them for different reasons. You have to either like one or the other.” Why are you trying to paint me into something I’m not, or someone I really don’t want to be?

So, on my recent social / political / financial assertions… I was going to respond (at length) to Scoble’s post on politics. Honestly, I didn’t think I was asking for him to support anybody (and sorry that I made you feel that way, Robert – genuinely). I asked if he could take his camera over to San Jose to cover a Ron Paul rally, based on what I believe the REAL story is: Dr. Paul’s wildly distributed success with citizens of the ‘Net [not to say the ENTIRE Internet, mnd you]. Why is traditional media shunning him outright – isn’t that a story? Why are political pundits completely dismissing or misquoting him? Isn’t that a story, too?

I was gonna respond, but… seems that Scoble’s audience is largely schooling him on why his assertions are based on false assumptions or are just flat-out inaccurate (and you should never assume that all information for any candidate might be surfaced through their official Web site – blame the architect, not necessarily the candidate). I leave everybody to draw their own conclusions and candidate-related support reasons. I think every citizen’s heart is in the right place (read: we all love our country), which is why politics is such a difficult topic to bring up – at any time. 🙂

I really don’t care who you support, just make sure you understand what and who you’re supporting – that’s all I ask as a fellow American. I just ask that you understand how special interest groups work their financial magic, and what devices (read: propaganda) are used to divide the citizens of and classes in the United States. Just do your best to educate yourself – even if that education takes place in a public fashion.

If you ever find a candidate with a completely clean track record throughout his or her entire life, personal and professional – a candidate who you agree with 100% (and that candidate has never contradicted him or herself in the course of his or her life), I’ll be overwhelmingly impressed. Overwhelmingly. That candidate simply does not exist. I have never agreed more than 50% with anybody else on this planet, political candidate or otherwise. If I agreed with anybody more than 25% of the time, I’d be surprised.

We all have FREE and equal access to an amazing piece of technology – something that has the potential to change the world. No, it’s not the Internet. No, it’s not the television or radio airwaves. Think about it for a second – literally. Do I really need to spell it out for you? 🙂 Fine. I’ve been invited by Cameron Reilly to appear on G’Day World this weekend to talk about these very “unspeakable” issues.

It’s much easier to label or categorize someone than it is to take the time to understand them and the context in which they have made and continue to make decisions, isn’t it? Much, much, much easier… much, much, much safer…