Video is an Amazing Advertising Platform

Okay, so I’m not as crazy as you may have previously believed – with my various live and recorded video efforts (on YouTube and the like). I was thrilled to read that Neilsen has validated these new business strategies:

Nielsen // NetRatings, a global leader in Internet media and market research, announced today that it added both “Total Minutes” and “Total Sessions” metrics to NetView, its syndicated Internet audience measurement service. While NetView has always reported average time per person and average number of sessions, the new metrics deliver greater perspective on total engagement across sites.

It gets better:

“’Total Minutes’ is the best engagement metric in this initial stage of Web 2.0 development, not only because it ensures fair measurement of Web sites using RIA and streaming media, but also of Web environments that have never been well-served by the page view, such as online gaming and Internet applications,” said Scott Ross, director, product marketing for the NetView service.

Heh. Awesome. I’m already there. Some of us have been preaching this idea for months now. One of the Internet’s leading video pundits, Jerimiah Owyang, has amended this metric by asserting three specific key indicators. And I quote:

  • Interaction = How many messages were in chat room per minute on average.
  • Velocity = How fast did the embedded player go, did it get embedded on blogs?
  • Tone = What did people say about the show, in the chat room, in the blogs, or whatever. This can be qualitative.

It all boils down to branding, my friends. Video is an amazing platform for advertisers, if they truly understand its power (and few advertisers do).