Gnomedex is Happening

I’m not sure who started the rumor, but it’s only gotten stronger over the past few months – and I’m not sure why it was started, who started it, or how it may have damaged the perception of our effort in Seattle. I do believe that the vicious rumor started somewhere in Silicon Valley.

No matter, I’m here to report that (again) Gnomedex is happening. We’re almost sold out – and that’s all that really counts. True, it’s been a challenge to find sponsors who could help cover every one of our costs – but that’s not going to keep us from setting the stage for the seventh year in a row.

Methinks other brands are jealous of the competition (although I don’t see why, as I’ve always supported every other integrity-driven conference out there). Ponzi and I pour as much as we can of ourselves into the event every time, and this year is no different. We are not a professional conference company – and I believe that’s what our audience values.

Gnomedex aims to be a tech zeitgeist – where today’s ideas and thinkers come together – although the direction of our conference may change in the following years. The conference industry certainly has affronted us several challenges, since we refuse to play the games that other conferences do. Gnomedex is still largely a labour of love (though also a small part of our business model).

But whoever started the rumor, you likely hurt us in immeasurable ways. I don’t hold that against you however, as we will still fill every one of those seats. And please, if you’re spreading the rumor that Gnomedex isn’t happening, you’re wrong. It is happening. And despite this rumor likely starting in California, it should be noted that a majority of this year’s attendees are still coming from the Bay area.