Frequently Asked Questions for Video

Just been checking out your ustream feed youve got up, and poked around your site a bit. Im curious of a couple things, if you dont mind answering, or maybe even doing a show out of it, if you havent already.

I usually don’t mind answering questions – it’s largely a matter of timing. This email came to me a few minutes ago from Dayton Turner. It’s a perfect storm of the most frequently asked questions we get in relation to our videos.

First, what are you using to overlay an ad and IRC onto your stream? Is this something custom you’ve had made? If so, is it available for other people to use?

Google for live video production – one of our YouTube videos ranks in the top 5 results, specifically the one that shows you what and how I assemble the live stream feed / recorded segments. This answer is currently not a bot response.

Also – What camera are you using to stream this? – Generally, I think it would be interesting to have a show about how you produce the show, and all the components that go into it, which i think would be extremely interesting for your viewers, especially those who are interested in doing something similar.

Ask “what is cam” and Pixie (bot) will respond with: For the most part, Chris usually relies on a Canon GL2 DV camera connected via FireWire for video and a Samson C01U USB Studio Condenser mic for audio. However, there are times when he relies on a Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision and/or Apple’s iSight for A/V. If I’m at home, it’s the Canon. If I’m on the road, it’s likely the MacBook’s iSight.

Second, I am a fan of keyboard with ‘laptop style keys’ – from the sounds of yours, you have one. What kind is it? Do you like it?

Ask “what is keyboard” and Pixie will tell you: If Chris is at his desktop, he’s likely typing on his newly acquired aluminum keyboard (as recommended by fellow community member, Moonglaive). More info.

Lastly, where the heck did you get that multicolored light bar above your monitors, and what does it represent? It looks like some sort of binary clock or something?

The most popular Pirillo Live question of all time. Ask “what is tix’ and the bot will say: What are those strange lights flashing at the top of the video window? Chris purchased six “TIX Binary Style LED Color Changing Random Pattern” clocks for his home office computer desk hutch. You can pick up one or two of your own at (Amazon). You can download an emulator for Windows.

Anyways, miss you from the old Tech TV days but im glad you keep this up on the web, I think its making a real statement for how things are moving forward.

Honestly? I’m answering more questions and generating more revenue from them with a far more interesting (and interactive) audience now than I ever did (or could) at TechTV. In that sense, I don’t miss it at all. 😉 Indeed, things are moving forward…