Blog Comment Enhancements

Blog comments are… just about dead. I’m not saying that they don’t happen, but inline community commentary isn’t as strong as it used to be. There are certainly breakaway posts that resonate with visitors – but even when bloggers beg (outright) for insight, it doesn’t come easily. If everybody’s talking, who is listening? Not to offend any reader, but while I hope to provide some amount of guidance with my scribblings, I do write largely for myself.

Someone from PostReach sent me an update this morning – which included a new (free) plugin for bloggers. I’m really not interested in it, but you might be. To me, it’s just another way of discovering how passive this audience already is. “Comments: 0 | Trackbacks: 0” – does that look familiar?

This is Hans again. PostReach has changed directions. Our new service is called ClickComments. We noticed that 95% of blog readers never comment. The reasons range from not wanting to register to seeing that someone else already wrote what they wanted to write. Our system gets that 95% to comment with just one click to capture their reaction/emotion as the see new content. We think of it as a ‘gateway drug’ to traditional commenting. It is a great way to engage more of the audience. Engagement makes things sticky and people tend to tell their friends about what they participate in.

I just don’t think that any of these plugins (or social networking buttons, for that matter) are worth the space or effort.