http://live.pirillo.com/ – Quill in the chat room wants to know if there's a way to convert a DVI connection to VGA or, failing that, a way to convert an S-Video port to VGA.

First, don't bother trying to convert S-Video to VGA: it's just not going to be a good experience for you.

If you need to convert DVI to VGA, just pick up a DVI-to-VGA adapter. They're generally pretty cheap – so cheap that most video cards come with a free adapter.

What's the difference between DVI and VGA? DVI is a digital connection, whereas VGA is an analog signal, so you get a slightly higher quality signal with DVI than with VGA.

Generally, you'll find DVI connections on LCD monitors as they handle the video signal in pure digital form, while CRT monitors will use VGA because the video signal remains analog through the entire monitor.

Do you have any recommendations for a good DVI-to-VGA adapter?

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