OS X Security

http://live.pirillo.com/ – Why does OS X have fewer viruses than on Window, and is there a "perfect" operating system out there that can’t be exploited?

It’s pretty simple to understand why there are more viruses on Windows than on OS X: more people use Windows than OS X. Hackers generally target the biggest nail in order to reach a much larger audience.

There is no such thing as a "perfect" operating system: every piece of software is going to have some kind of exploit, but there are several things you can do in order to keep yourself safe.

  • Stop viewing porn online. There are many unscrupulous websites out there that will readily infect your machine with a virus or adware.
  • Instead of downloading music, go to the store and buy the CD. Not only will you avoid any financially difficult legal situation, you’ll also avoid any website that promises free MP3 downloads but only delivers viruses and adware.
  • Get a Netflix account instead of using BitTorrent. Aside from the legal issues, it’s very possible you’re downloading something malicious
  • Instead of looking for software cracks or serials online, look for coupons. The "crackz" scene is filled to the brim with malicious websites. You’re not safe when you’re visiting these "seedier" websites.
  • Do not run in Administrator mode. You should only run in Administrator mode when you’re installing hardware or software, but running in a lower security mode you’ll avoid a lot of the more invasive attacks.

Do you have any tips for protecting your computer while online?

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