Safari Font Problems

Rich Menga had a Safari font problem in Windows:

I know you’re a busy guy, but if you or someone you know could find the answer as to why this is occurring, it’d be greatly appreciated. I have read on other blogs that people have been able to use this without any problems. I’m hoping you or someone else could find out why the blank-out’s happen.

I wasn’t sure, quite honestly. He wrote back today:

Safari issue fixed. If you have a lot of fonts installed, Safari won’t index all your fonts, and you’re left with no font rendering at all. Manually modify C:Documents and Settings [username] Local Settings Application Data Apple Computer Safari Fonts.plist.

Just edit out enough of the fonts that you never expect Web pages to call upon directly.

His discovery lead me to a solution to the font problem that *I* was having with Safari. Even though I already had a version of Lucida Grande (and Lucida Grande Bold) installed on my machine, Safari insisted on using its own versions. With Safari 3.0, I could simply remove the TTFs from the Safari.resources folder – but Safari 3.0.1 is intelligent enough to restore deleted files and folders automatically (and yes, I’m impressed with that feature – even though it didn’t help my situation).

My font conflict caused all Lucida Grande characters in Safari (window UI and Web pages) to appear like garbage. I looked at the .plist file, per your suggestion – but that didn’t fix anything for me. Even though my Fonts folder in the Windows shell showed but two instances of Lucida Grande (one being the Bold derivation), I had to open up a command shell, browse to the C: Windows Fonts folder, get a directory of all the “Lucida Grande” files, then delete the duplicates. Indeed, each file had been duped 3x over.

With just one Lucida Grande / Lucida Grande Bold installed (Apple’s version), Safari looked as it should have in the first place. I blame Windows font management for this shortcoming, not Apple. Like anybody would have known to open up CMD.EXE and delete files that the Windows folder didn’t display!?