Find a Good Lawyer

For Attorney research, my old friend Brett Trout wrote:

I would echo Kevin O’Keefe’s suggestion that you do a blog search. While all of the other methods might get you a great attorney, the attorney might not be great for you personally or for your particular situation.

A blog lets you see who the attorney is, what their area of expertise is and whether they might be a great fit for you. Blogs are about transparency, they let you see the real attorney. If your attorney does not have a blog, I would be thinking “Why don’t they want me to know more about them?”

And from Myles Alderman:

The yellow pages are NOT a good way to find a lawyer. You should look for a lawyer with the ability to handle your legal matters well and the time to give you the attention you deserve. Recommendations are a good place to start IF you know people who are in a position to provide meaningful evaluation of the lawyer. Profiles posted on a website may provide some useful information. When hiring attorneys that we do not have prior experience with, I prefer to see evidence of solid respect by the lawyers who know that person. One widely recognized peer review rating system is the one provided at Generally, we will not recommend lawyers who do not hold at least a BV rating. But remember, the best lawyer in the world may not be right for you, if either he/she can’t give you the time you need or if there is a “disconnect.” Interview the lawyer, ask questions and feel free to not hire a lawyer if it doesn’t feel right.