Ergonomic Office Chair – When people first see the videos Chris is doing, or the live stream, they often ask what chair that Chris is sitting in. It’s a Grahl Synchron 8, which is no longer available on the open market (although Grahl does continue to make fine chairs – available through furniture outlets across teh country).

Proper seating is often the last thing people pay attention to when purchasing a computer setup: don’t just buy the cheapest or best-looking chair from the office supply store – that’s not the best idea.

Since seating is really important, especially for people who work in front of a computer all the time.

  • The chair has a free range of motion, but it locks forward, so Chris is sitting in a forward slant, which is much better for your back and neck.
  • Has excellent lumbar support, which gives more comfort over a longer period of time
  • A movable headrest allows Chris to adjust the headrest for the most comfortable position

When you go out and buy an office chair, find a chair that is ergonomically designed. What chair do you use now?

[edit: It’s Grahl, not Graal. Apparently I’m in the mood for some online gaming?]

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