How to Convert Videos for the PSP – Playing videos on your PSP is pretty darn cool, but converting videos to play on the PSP can be a difficult and time consuming process. How do you convert videos so they can play on the PSP?

You’re going to need to use some software if you want to convert videos into a format that the PSP can play.

For Windows we recommend PSP Video 9:

PSP Video 9 was developed by Sajeeth Cherian, a communication engineering student at Carleton University, as well as the founder and lead developer of the video distribution software, Videora.

Development of PSP Video 9 would not be possible without the help of many individuals and groups including: MobileHackerz, FFMPEG Team, Runtime, Slordak, Everaldo Coelho and all the people who have sent in donations.

For OS X we recommend iPSP:

iPSP was the first app to to integrate iLife, your Mac and your PSP and continues to lead the way bringing exciting new features to Mac OS X mainstream users that were previously only available on PCs running Windows.

iPSP lets you manage the data on your Mac and your PSP, in a familiar "iApp" environment. Your Photos, Music, Videos, Documents and more are easily converted and transferred to your PSP with a minimum of fuss, hassle or confusion.

If you don’t want to use software, you could always try using and Zamzar, but they are a shared resource and it could take a significant amount of time to convert your video into the proper format.

What do you recommend for converting video so that PSP can play it?

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