Popfly: Microsoft Gets an A++

Oh. My. God.

I can’t believe Microsoft did this. No, seriously – I knew they were doing this for a while, since they’re taking advantage of the bLaugh API. This is unreal. I’m so beyond impressed with Popfly, it’s not even funny – and I haven’t yet begun to explore everything it’s going to be able to do, and where I’ll be able to take it.

Don’t you DARE draw comparisons to Yahoo! Pipes – because the two of them simply aren’t in the same universe. Whereas Pipes was developed for developers, Popfly was clearly designed for developers AND USERS! Someone at Microsoft is listening! They’re putting the USERS in control, and making development ungodly simple.

In seconds, I can create a mashup with the included services – and I’m sure more will start streaming in. My first mashup was crossing a random number from the calculator into the bLaugh widget. Then, I made a spinning widget of random bLaugh comics – all without having to read an instruction manual.

Genius. Pure genius. Popfly is going to take the blogosphere by storm. If you wanna add me as a buddy, I’ve got my own Popfly page already. I can’t believe this tool is real – and no, they’re not paying me to say or write this.

Is it perfect? No, it’s alpha. Is it telling the world that Microsoft is getting back into “the game?” Hell yeah. This isn’t a Microsoft project, I swear – it can’t be. It simply can’t be. If this is the kind of experience that Silverlight enables, color me sold.

I stop short of giving Microsoft three pluses because they used a domain name that is likely going to get blocked by a lot of people who run any kind of popup blocker (or are wary of any site with “fly” in its title).