Dance a Dance with DDR

It’s no secret: I’m not a dancer. I can’t even dance poorly – I simply have no rhythm. It has nothing to do with my genetic code, however. Were I raised with an Xbox 360 dance mat instead of the Atari joystick, I’d likely be able to cut a rug.

Ponzi lamented that she missed having DDR around – even though she didn’t play it all that often when we had the classic Xbox version. When I was in Target the other day, I spied both the Xbox HD-DVD drive as well as Konami’s DDR Universe for the Xbox 360. She was pleasantly surprised that I brought ’em home with me – even though she knows I won’t be using the latter all that much.

Mind you, I’ve never had a dancing lesson in my entire life. Be careful, though – the mic was quite hot at the beginning of this clip:

I think this is where Weird Al Yankovic would say: “That boy can dance!”