The Wow Starts Now?


I’m not a masochist – I’m just waiting for Apple to blow me away. That day may come with Leopard, or it may come with the iPhone. I’m getting used to medicore experiences with mediocre software – and I’m getting used to waiting for my personal computer to catch up to my expectations. Even Microsoft’s Silverlight platform runs cross-platform – which doesn’t make it any easier to stick with an OS that doesn’t really… “wow” anybody.

I’m fully willing to concede that some of my problems may be hardware related – but aren’t some hardware-related problems ultimately related to software? Mind you, I’m not using offbrand components! This particular PC is a custom-built QuadFX running atop an nForce chipset – with nVidia video cards and name-brand peripherals (HP, Logitech, etc.).

Don’t sit through this entire video – I only uploaded it (intact) to prove that I’m not crazy:

I had to reboot one more time before I was able to get going again – a full 45 minutes after the first Vista BSOD. And by “first,” I mean the first Blue Screen of Death I encountered today. They don’t happen EVERY day – but have been smacking me in the face more frequently as of late.