Math Test

What happens if you take ZERO – divide it by NINE – multiply that product by the variable F – take that result and subtract NINE from it – add that ONE number to the square root of another ONE – take ZERO accountability – mix in TWO more random numbers – multiply those factors by NINE again – insert constant D – bring SEVEN digits into the equation – add FOUR thousand – screen it through E – subtract THREE – multiply by FIVE – make drones with the queen B – watch a movie in three D – dip EIGHT of those results in chocolate – think it over FOUR times – carry the ONE – remember that FIVE is still alive – one number after SIXC is for cookie – take back FIVE – add SEX – subtract THREE – dream of FIVE more numbers – take that result and multiply it by SIX – divide that by EIGHT – divide that again by second EIGHT – then add it to twice the Speed of Light – and repeat it ZERO times?

Answer: Revolution.

[NOTE: Both sides of this Digg Epic are equally correct and incorrect, in theory – but the real losers in this battle are those who continue to support and defend restrictive DRM]