Dog Video

My dogs are, admittedly, spoiled. They’ve grown up surrounded by high definition televisions and high speed Internet access. I’ve done my best to shield them from the horrors of dial-up and CRTs – just like any adopted parent might do. Last week, I tried to bring home one of those new DLP screens, but Wicket had a hissy fit. He seriously hated that sucker! We took ‘er back to the store and decided to stick with our current range of plasmas. He seems happy, and I hope the next generation of HD screens fares better with his attention.

I’ve been teaching Pixie chat room netiquette, although she’s been already been banned from #HawtDoggies on Not quite sure how to explain to her that you can’t use ALL CAPS and bad words (like “cat” or “meow”) when talking to puppies. Got any ideas on how to iTrain these dogs?

They’ve officially disowned us.

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  • This video was edited on an AMD QuadFX computer
  • Dell 3007WFP-HC monitors assisted in production
  • Screencasting through TechSmith Camtasia Studio
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