Cheap Airfare Help is the first airfare prediction website. They help online travel shoppers save money by answering the question; should you buy now or wait? In their beta version, they now offer airfare predictions from over 75 U.S. departure cities to top domestic destinations. And from a Gnomedexer blog post (thanks Derek), here’s a bulletpointed synopsis:

  • When should you buy airfares, and where?
  • Predictive model of what’s happening to airfares in the past and future
  • Based on a CompSci model from UW
  • Designed to be quick and responsive
  • Lots of filtering and sorting
  • Updated every night
  • Lots of traffic driven in by prominent bloggers
  • Blog interest drove interest by mainstream media
  • “Bloggers I’m telling you, we kick ass.” – Chris

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