When is the Best Time to Buy a New Computer?

A few minutes ago, one of my cousins called and asked for my opinion on when the best time to buy a new computer happens to be. There is no right answer, but he had a few parameters which helped me narrow it down to the perfect season:

  • No tremendous rush to buy something immediately
  • Will be used by his son at school
  • Doesn’t need to be the latest and greatest

My suggestion for him is to wait until “Back to School” specials start later this year. I have no doubt he (or anybody) could find a good desktop for less than $500 and get tons of free software and hardware to boot. Honestly, I can’t imagine a better season to buy a computer for a student – as it certainly wouldn’t be in the middle of summer.

I would have killed to have a portable (laptop, notebook) computer in my school daze. Then again, we’re still not at the point where powerful hardware can run all day on a single charge. Perhaps by the time Ponzi and I decide to have children, batteries will suck less (in more way than one).