Streaming Live from the Podcast Hotel

I just sent this out a few minutes ago to my email subscribers. Since I’m streaming “behind the scenes” at the Podcast Hotel tomorrow and Saturday, I figured you should know to tune in. As today’s exerpiences and conversations with Eric Rice, dotBen, and illustrate – you never know what you’re going to get.

I’ve literally had no time to do much of anything over this past week. I’ve been throwing myself into helping people (yes, tech support – as in the TechTV days) in live video and audio chat, going on ’round the clock. When I’m asleep, someone’s usually awake.

Granted, it’s not always exciting – but there’s always someone there, and you never know where I’m going to be or who is going to be with me. We had quite engaging conversations over the past couple of days (as well as some downtime). I don’t think many of you have stopped by yet?

And if it doesn’t sound interesting at all to you, consider that there’s virtually no other way to have a dynamic conversation with someone who can’t see you (though you can see him). It’s been great fun to do.

I mention it again tonight specifically because I’ll be on location once more (you probably missed me shooting live in front of an audience of hundreds at Web 2.0 a couple of days ago). Today, I’m streaming conversations from San Francisco’s Podcast Hotel – and your commentary is very much a part of the ongoing “show.” I’m begging you: participate.

It’s kind of like Picks, only the community (you!) decide what gets picked throughout the day. You don’t have to turn on your webcam for this – it’s just me and whoever happens to be with me at the time (sometimes, that’s Ponzi – who really can’t wait to teach geeks how to cook, apparently).

So, with that – I should be back online within a few hours (gotta sleep now). All of my picks tomorrow will be going out live in chat. With video and audio, hopefully, streaming all the while. If you’d like to connect with your own IRC client for chat, you can log onto and join channel #Chris (The wonderful gang from #lockergnome are keeping everybody in line here, too). Don’t worry – all you have to do is watch and listen.

I’d much rather have you participate, though.

Podcasting? Time-shifted media? Live blows them away because you have a chance to shape what happens. Barring any unforseen technical difficulties, we should be good to go.