Dual Monitor Duel: DVI Divinity

My love affair with resolution started with my first 14″ CRT monitor – I pushed that sucker to 1024×768 (interlaced) with 256 colors in Windows 3.11. Anything less than that was simply uncivilized. It took years for most users to catch up to that screen size, but I’ve been flying higher than that for quite some time. I only tolerated resolutions smaller than 1600×1200 on laptops.

My desktop is finally alive with a perfect amount of pixels. You might remember a few weeks ago, I was debating LCD monitor choices. Most people informally “voted” for the latest Dell series (3007WFP-HC), which seemed like it would fit the bill (especially with the USB hub and integrated removable media bay).

Given that my readership was largely impressed with what Dell had to offer in terms of LCD screens, I approached them to see if they’d sponsor that part of my videos moving forward. Hey, if we’re going to be filming a high definition tech show in my home office, it’s gotta look the part – right? 🙂 They obliged, and that makes at least three relatively large sponsors for our produced media moving forward: AMD, GoDaddy, and Dell. I’d like to convert TechSmith and Microsoft to an ongoing series, too (but haven’t yet perfected the pitch).

Don't Question My Productivity - 2560x1600 x2

You have no idea what this looks like in real life. Ponzi says: “You have to sit in front of them for it to have total impact. You look like a 2yr old when you sit in front of those screens!” She’s right. These things are larger than life:

If you do the math, that’s 2560×1600 times two. Depending on how we set up the cameras, I may have to move the secondary screen to the left of my primary one (which I may end up doing, anyway – if only for better balance). I’ll have to update this post after Ponzi picks up the video camera to film my graphical giddiness. Thank you, Dell, for supporting our cause!