Political Cartoons

Apparently, I’m just not plugged into the political scene. Not to say that I want to become a political blogger by any stretch of the imagination – because the world has plenty of those already. I listen to political programs all the time (admittedly, most of them through my XM dial or local NPR station) – some conservative, some liberal, some international. This hasn’t made me any less biased than the average person, but it has given me a small amount of frustration.

There is no black or white – only 254 shades of grey.

So, I had an idea for bLaugh: why not try a couple of political cartoons? Maybe we weren’t funny, maybe we weren’t biting enough, or maybe we struck too close to home. Nevertheless, I’m gonna keep trying – if only because I see the political discussion / blogging scene heating up.

The country on everybody’s mind these days is… the United States. Er, Iraq. I mean, Iran! Since I’ve never been to either country, I was actually hoping to speak with people who have lived there (or still do, as is the case for Hometown Baghdad). I know of two American Iranians (including Maryam) – and I hope to record their thoughts on these matters of war sooner rather than later.

We created this cartoon to spark controversy – but maybe there’s no controversy after all?

Haliburton Wants Us To Invade Iran