First! First! First!

First, I have to say that first is not only a philosophy, it’s a first video about the world of First. It doesn’t matter who enters the first comment after the first comment, because it’s the first comment that ultimately matters. FIrst trackback? Forget about it. That’s not first. I’m the first person to post this first video to my first blog because it’s the first thing that I saw first thing in the morning – and nobody else was first. I was the first. I’ve always been the first. I’ll be the first for the rest of my first life (Second Life – what’s that?). The first question you should be asking yourself right now is: why all this talk about first and firsting after the first of knowlege? This first post of the first day of firsty first first first is the first time I’ve ever had a chance to first the firsting firsty first. First first, first.

Oh, just watch the video: