HP Pavilion tx1000 Entertainment Notebook PC

It’s not very often that hardware manufacturers send us hardware to review (largely because we don’t ask for it). Since AMD is a reigning sponsor for our programming, they connected us with someone over at HP to lend us a tx1000 – which we’ll have to send back in a few weeks. Still, this was our first true “Tablet PC” – even after using UMPCs at our wedding.

Well, instead of giving ‘er a typical geeky review – I let Ponzi play with it for a bit. She’s anything but a geek, but she loves to bring technology into the home (specifically, her kitchen). So, here’s the phone call between a product developer, public relations coordinator, Ponzi, and myself. I have a few complaints about the product, but some issues are largely held against every PC OEM. Oh, and here’s what we were laughing about towards the end of the discussion:

When Perspective Correction Stands Uncorrected