Crowdsourcing Videos of the War in Iraq

Michael DiBenedetto from Next Next Entertainment sent me this announcement a few hours ago:

March 19th is the fourth anniversary of the war. And here’s an interesting perspective on Iraq… it’s a web documentary series about life in Baghdad – shot by Iraqi filmmakers. My company in NY helped produce it and is now distributing it online. I thought it was something that you could give an interesting take on and that your readers would appreciate. Also feel free to embed the videos. After four years of war, it’s about time to take a moment to focus on regular Iraqis and what they are going through. The life of the everyday Iraqi is the great untold story of this war. And with this series and its viral potential, we can change that. If enough people in America see this, it could potentially affect in its own small way the way Americans see the Middle East. It’s also interesting from a distribution standpoint… we’ve effectively crowd-sourced our distribution by putting the videos online and asking our viewers to help us spread them as far and wide as possible.

How long unitl Fox News picks up on this… CNN? MSNBC? Whether you’re “for” or “against” this war, it’s happening. The dentist’s perspective sounds eerilie familar (and makes you wonder if there should be a war on wars).