Distance Learning: University of Phoenix?

Via Lockergnome subscriber Scott Daniels:

I read today’s newsletter and wanted to comment on your interest in “distance learning.” I received my Masters in Computer Information Services last May via the Internet program from the University of Phoenix. This isn’t a plug by the way! It took approximately 18 months to complete. Each class was 6 weeks long. We not only had ebooks to read and assignments to write, but actual group projects to turn in.

We had a BBS like environment for each class where we had to participate in discussions, communicate with team mates and one forum solely for turning in assignments. The instructors actually were more like facilitators than professors. They would chime in with their experiences and keep us on track. Some of the assignments that they had us do we quite entertaining!

The discussions were very interesting. I had people from all over the U.S. and the world including South Korea, Japan and Dubai. The observations and cultural differences that we got were extremely valuable. The option of being able to access the Internet from hotels, etc. allowed me to continue to travel and complete my classes. That option is what proved to be the most valuable to me.

I would encourage you to take a look at the many programs and if so inclined, give it a shot.

Dunno. There’s something to be said about sitting in the same room as someone else (which is likely why I still don’t quite understand the draw of Second Life).