How to Draw Comics

Our daily comic bLaugh is still going strong – and we’re kicking it up a notch with a bit of video learning. Yes, GoDaddy has been an amazing sponsor for us! Brad says that he’s gonna be uploading his “live sketch” videos every single day. Over time, you can learn how to become just as talented an artist.

Who knew learning could be this funny? Did you realize he uses a Tablet PC? He’s like a digital Bob Ross – without all the happy little trees. Then again, Bob Ross never really drew comics. Brad is quite simply the most amazing comic artist I’ve ever met (and worked with, certainly).

I dare you to say that you’re not impressed. If you can’t see the videos below, here’s Part I and Part II.

Okay, so I thought the gag was hilarious. Then again, I’m the one who wrote it – and am actually considering downgrading from Vista to XP, myself. The final product:

Even a Caveman Could Do it