Windows Vista Launch

I’m celebrating tonight’s Windows Vista launch in style – at home, on my computer, sitting in my half-finished home office, with the candlestick, watching the Plasma television screen (currently running an OS X RSS screen saver). Party of one! I’d turn on my new webcam so that you might celebrate with me, but… Microsoft’s LifeCam drivers are still wonky on Vista.

This is an event that you will remember for the rest of your life – or, at least, for the rest of this week. What will you be doing at Midnight? Where will you be? Are you heading out to stand in line at the store? Are you already waiting in line for Windows Vista SP1? Are you holding your own Vista launch party? I just finished responding to a series of email questions for an impending Vista interview (phoner) with German public radio – and that’s about as exciting as my Vista life gets tonight.