The (mt) (gs) Report

As far as Web hosts go, I have to admit that MediaTemple is one of the better ones I’ve dealt with. I was anxious to sign up for their Grid service. Despite encountering a few hiccups, I’ve stuck with them as a host – but have since moved onto a Dedicated Virtual server for my blog and other assorted sites under my command. And if you think they’re hiding from their Grid platform problems, think again. They detailed their experience in a blog post today:

In just 3 months the system has become home to over 40,000 domains and a plethora of amazing applications that simply were not sustainable with old Shared Hosting and competing hosting solutions. The GRID however has not been without its trials and has produced several reported bugs and issues of temporary downtime.

Seems as though MySQL is to blame for a lot of it – which isn’t necessarily MySQL’s problem. Kudos to them for being so transparent about the snafus.