Jessica Corbin's FEMPIRE

How’s this for an update from one of your favorite former Screen Savers, Jessica Corbin:

Hot Diggity… we got another riveting FEMPIRE magazine coming right at ya. This issue it’s all about that substance that makes you feel like you can do anything, and when it eludes you, life feels less than thrilling. We are talking about CONFIDENCE here people. This issue we have an artist interview who found her confidence through painting in READ, how to score sexual confidence in WATCH, “Intuitive Eatingâ€? author Evelyn Tribole talks about belief in our belly in LISTEN… and much much more. We are still accepting new enrollees for The FEMPIRE, so don’t forget to get all your friends and family (yes, we will even accept crusty Uncle Frank) to sign up. It makes for a great pick up line.

Sounds like something completely up Ponzi’s alley!