Snorkeling in Great Stirrup Cey

What’s this? A day on our honeymoon when both Ponzi and I were not respectively sick?! Sounds too good to be true. We celebrated this glorious cough-free day in true honeymooner fashion – by staying indoors and watching television. Nah, that was only until we were ready to dive into the waters of Great Stirrup Cey in the Bahamas. No sooner had I finished applying my fifteenth layer of sunblock (to keep the daylight from burning me to a crisp) than Ponzi was alone on the tender jetting ashore. This was a private island, recently opened exclusively for cruise ship usage. Only Regent’s Seven Seas Voyager passengers were cleared to play on Great Stirrup Cey today, allowing us to wander about the entire area worry-free. Neither of us had to fight for a great spot on the beach, nor did we have to wait to relax in any one of the large hammocks. This “exclusive” island was one of the greatest outdoor luxuries I have ever known.

I’m not much of a swimmer, so I didn’t bother putting on my swim trunks before leaving our cabin. Ponzi encouraged me to come knee-deep, long enough for us to stumble upon a small group of fish. I stood there and watched as small fishes swam around (and through) my legs! Before I knew it, Ponzi was securing snorkel gear for the two of us – despite my earlier failures with snorkeling in Maui. I was coaxed to don the mask and continue into the waters with nothing but my shorts and underwear. Nervously, I slipped the mouthpiece under my lips and pushed my face underwater – and succeeded in not drowning myself. Woo hoo! Yes, we snorkeled for a good hour before heading back to the ship – convinced that today, the last day of our Carribean honeymoon, was the best one yet. We had fun, but I think a large part of our elation was due to not feeling under the weather – and knowing that we’d be returning home very soon.