Toltec Wisdom

I can’t believe it – Ponzi posted something to her blog a few minutes ago! She’s been having a good time on our moneymoon cruise, too – and she’s even considering taking the Excel class on board (since I’ll be accompanying her to a Mexican cooking class later this week). We’re both looking forward to seeing the Mayan ruins:

The Four Agreements, a book that includes Toltec wisdom, has peaked [sic] my curiosity to see the birth place of its people. The language and thought patterns taught by the Toltec way seem so civilized and it’s language of community seem so selfless. Also the architecture has always caught my attention. I’ve heard stories of human sacrifice and savage games played in these places long, long ago. I’m eager to learn more truths rather than hearsay and opinions. There’s something really special about the privledge of learning about a place in person rather than through a book. I feel very fortunate to be able to go to these wonderful places. Hopefully I will gain better insight to the Mayan people of long ago, their way of living and how it has shaped or lost it’s roots in the world we live in day to day.