My FAX to the Comcast Business Unit

Apparently, we’re going to be charged for Internet services we have not used for the better part of a month – all because we did not send you a statement in written form (according to your CSR, by phone, a few minutes ago).

We were planning on moving out of Comcast’s area at one point, which is when we initially notified you about closing the business account. You allegedly told Ponzi that she would need to submit the request in writing. She tells me you never asked for that, and I certainly don’t recall hearing about it when I called back a few weeks later to confirm our business account had been closed.

Either way, you’re telling me that I’m wrong and you’re right – and I have virtually no way to prove it. Playing “he said, she said” just wastes more time, energy, and money. Consider this a completely formal request to ONCE AGAIN CLOSE OUR BUSINESS ACCOUNT WITH COMCAST.

Thank you.