Snow in Seattle – a White Christmas!

I can’t believe I’m looking out our front window and seeing snow on the ground. Usually, it falls and melts instantly – like it did yesterday. This evening, just as Ponzi and I were headed out to do a little offline shopping, snow started to fall in Seattle. We could barely see traffic on I-90, so I knew this wasn’t the time to venture out and brave the snowy roads (and likely inexperienced California kamikazes drivers).

I couldn’t help but run out and make snow angels in the middle of the street. Can you even remember the last time you made a snow angel?! It “never” snows in Seattle. The city simply isn’t equipped to handle the load. Of course, Wicket and Pixie had a total blast in the sky powder.

I think it’s going to be a White Christmas after all (which Robert Goulet happens to be singing right now on Music Choice channel 940)!