Auto Transport Options

When moving from LA to Seattle, Ponzi and I drove the PCH with Wicket and Pixie in the back seat of my Acura (her, driving alone in the BMW Z4). We could have flown, but transporting cars isn’t exactly cheap over such a great distance.

When we were planning on moving from Seattle to back to LA, we had virtually no choice but to transport our vehicles and fly coach (with Wicket and Pixie in cargo). Otherwise, we would’ve driven with them (again) in unpredictable weather – or go out of our way to clock 2,000 miles in two separate cars. No way, no how.

I thought I remembered Ponzi telling me that it was going to cost us thousands of dollars to do it before (LA to Seattle). So, I figured I’d try the Internets to see if I could get companies to bid against one another. I found AutoGain.Net through a Google ad – and it was pretty much what I wanted.

“We understand how valuable your time is!â€Â? Simply fill out our easy quote form, then sit back and relax a little. Our system will locate 5 certified auto transporters that best fit your needs. Your information will then be securely submitted to these companies, and a representative will respond ASAP. “We understand how valuable your belongings are to you!â€Â? only partners with certified and reputable auto transport companies. When you hire a quality auto transporter it means your estimate will be accurate, your vehicle will be kept safe, and your shipment will arrive on time.

Didn’t cost a thing to do. True to their word, I received five bids within a 24-hour period. Of course, their form was restricted to a single vehicle – but I could at least get an idea about how much a second vehicle transport might cost us (based on the bid). Best rate was from Abby Auto Transport, by the way – but your mileage may vary. Pun intended.