Music and Technology

Yesterday, it was my distinct pleasure to be involved with the first PNW Chapter 2006 Music/Tech Summit. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from it, but I did get to meet a handful of musical inspirations (and plenty of local independents).

Music/Tech Summit 06, hosted at the Experience Music Project’s JBL Theater and Learning Labs, is a daylong gathering that will focus on the intersection of music and technology with an emphasis on how the changing landscape can empower artists and further their careers.

The day began with a keynote from Thomas Dolby – yes, the “She Blinded me with Science” guy. He’s quite the musical geek! His presentation was interrupted by a fire alarm, which was caused by the gas-line break. We all met up, in a semi-organized fashion, at a food court in the Children’s Museum a block away – and an hour after the disruption, were redirected to McCaw Hall around the corner at the Seattle Center. Major kudos to the Summit organizers for making sweet lemonade out of lemons. Derek K. Miller took tons of excellent photos!

I was on the first panel, surrounded by vendors: “Get Your Music Out There: Pounding the Virtual Pavement.” I hope that Derek gets to post his recording of it, largely because I’d like you to hear the responses we got from the audience when we talked about ease-of-use and DRM. With me were fellow panelists, and a moderator (though I can’t remember the moderator’s name):

The second panel was “Don’t Give Away the Farm: Getting Paid For Your Music”

The third panel was “Making It Happen: Music and Technology in Action”

And the closing address was given by J Allard from Xbox / Zune. He was a bit vendor’ish, but I certainly appreciated his perspective (and his openness in answering the audience’s questions). He’s gonna be a busy guy this week!

All in all, it was an amzing gathering of musical minds. I’m sure plenty of new relationships will spring out of it, and it certainly gives me a bit more energy to pursue more music/tech mashups in the Seattle area in the future. Might just start with a party or two…